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Here you can train as an Italian teacher to foreigners by combining theoretical knowledge and practical competence in Italian teaching with foreigners. To acquire the necessary skills choose between the individual basic training and the group training formula and combine the internship that is best for you by identifying it between simple internship offer, perfect for those who prefer to stay behind the scenes, and that of the monitored internship, more suitable for those who need to be a direct actor. Instead, ask for a quote for training tailored to your needs and requirements.

Individual courses

Meet an experienced tutor online to enter the world of glottodidactic following a basic training course. Analyze the steps of a lesson, learn about goals, delve into methodologies, techniques, and ways of working. Customized training on quote.

1 LESSON = 60 minutes = 40€*
5 LESSONS 200€* 185€*

online and
in person

Lezioni in pairs or in groups

Take a glottodidactic training course with an experienced tutor, enriched by an inspiring discussion with your colleagues. Follow interactive video lessons on methodologies, techniques, lesson modes, and more, and perform tasks both autonomously and in sharing.
1 LESSON IN PAIR 40€* 30€*/each
1 GROUP LESSON 40€* 25€*/each

online and
in person


Do you have a new student or a new group and you don't know what to do? Learn with us how to design your own tailor-made lessons for your recipient and find out how to realize them by practicing analysis, didactic design and exploitation of digital resources for L2 teaching.

FREE for members




simple internship

By following an experienced tutor during the lessons, you will have the opportunity to directly observe the methodology, the steps and steps of a lesson and the application of teaching techniques consistent with the goals to be achieved. You’ll also become familiar with class dynamics and how you manage teacher interaction with students. You’ll find out how you manage a group always staying “behind the scenes” and without being directly involved in the interaction.

Glottodidactic training course

Choose Classe Italiana to Grow Your Future

monitored internship

Choosing the monitored internship will follow an experienced tutor during the lessons and you will observe in practice the methodology, the succession of steps and steps and the application of the appropriate techniques to achieve specific goals. You will take part in the dynamics of the class by also performing direct management tasks. You will have exclusive meetings with your tutor, to request clarification or satisfy curiosity. You’ll also have some work to do, with feedback, to measure yourself with some aspects of glottodidactics.

three good reasons to follow your teacher training path with us.

one-click advice

Experienced tutors will face your doubts for free.
Enter the answer room your tutor will show you, tell us what you're worried about and we will help you.

save on your investment

We offer you a free meeting to try our method and decide whether to continue with us. In addition, every week of internship (simple or monitored) we give you a free observation day to enjoy whenever you want.

focus on your goal

Discover with your tutor the room dedicated to activities with feedback: you will find different tasks that you can do when you want, from the device of your choice, to optimize your time.