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Finally the opportunity to make the most of the time!

Follow your tutor in the online activity room for DITALS preparation and practice to become more and more familiar and confident with the various exam modules related to the level you want to take. You’ll do some simpler tasks that will require less effort and more articulate tasks, to which you’ll need to spend more time. Depending on the training formula you have chosen, whether individual or group, you can always carry out activities alone or partly even in sharing, comparing yourself with your classmates. You will always receive feedback that will help you to relate better with the exam and to acquire autonomy of study and preparation.

Take a look at the sections of the glottodidactics for which you will find different tasks in the online activity room:


Activities for the analysis of educational materials


Tasks for developing an educational path


Our commitmentyour success!


Activities for glottodidactic knowledge


Activities for oral glottodidactic skills